What does the 'Inside the takeOrder function' mean?



I’ve just started learning how to code a few days ago, and it had been going very well smoothly! (And it’s so fun) Thanks so much for the amazing contents. And it would be really great if I can get some help, as now I’m stuck trying to understand the following sentence:

Inside the takeOrder function, set orderCount equal to orderCount plus 1, so that each time the takeOrder function runs, 1 is added to the orderCount.

And this is what I’ve done so far:

var customerOrder = true;

function takeOrder (topping, crustType) {
if (customerOrder) {
console.log(‘Order:’+ crustType + 'pizza topped with '+topping);
customerOrder = true;
} else {console.log(‘nothing’);
customerOrder = false;

takeOrder(‘bacon’,'Thin crust ');
takeOrder(‘mushrooms’,'Normal ');
takeOrder(‘seafood’,'Low-Fat ');

var orderCount = 0;
function getRemainder (orderCount,thePrice) {
return orderCount * thePrice;

I think “orderCount = orderCount + 1;” should be inserted somewhere, but I don’t know where and how it should be. Especially the sentence “Inside the takeOrder function” is confusing for me.

Thank you so much.

Warmest wishes,

function foo(param) {
    // inside the foo function


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