What does `print count_to` mean?


Hi my name is Martin, I'm just starting the Python coding course. I'm stuck on what does "print count_to" mean learning about math.

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Please post a link to the exercise, and any code sample you can provide. Thanks.


I think this is what he is talking about because I am also stuck here and not figuring out what I am supposed to do - I feel like an idiot, this seems really simple.


Thank you for the link.

I don't see anywhere an instruction to print so we can set that aside for the moment. It should be safe to just declare the variable and assign some addition to it.

variable = ___ + ___


This does not help. Please run through that exercise and see what it tells you. I feel like there are some errors to this question, that or this lesson has drastically failed to explain what to do. Thank you. PS. I gave up on CA because of this question several months ago, however I would like to continue using CA but, this particular lesson is a big road block to do so. Thank you


this message is to "mtf" if he/she is apart of the CA support team.


In as much as it practically spells it out for you, now I am confused. We're given the expected variable name, count_to and told to assign the sum of two large numbers. Replace variable in the above with count_to and write two large numbers to fill in the blanks.

1089 + 743

is an example of adding two large numbers. Any will do. The result will be stored in count_to.

That would be the CC (Codecademy) support team, and no, we moderators are not part of the CC's paid support staff. For that you would need a Pro account.


I am stuck in the same exercise and I dont understand what I should do.


Oh now I understand I just had to remove the "print count_to" line.


So now you have,

count_to = 1089 + 743

? Or something similar?


Yes I had something like that.


same here I don't know what to do...


I just tried this and got nothing.

Set count_to equal to the sum of two big numbers


count_to 1089+743


This is not a valid statement, and neither is the one above it. Insert the assignment operator into to this line as shown above.