What does place supporting content inside <div></div> mean?


This is the error I keep getting:

Oops, try again. Place the supporting content inside the div class="container"../div

This is the code it seems to be referring to:


In this exercise, "all pieces of supporting content" means your Travel, Host and Trust code.

It looks like you should move the beginning of your learn-more and container divs up, put them before your Travel code.

It might not be happy with your class="travel" and class="grouping" -- you might have to change those into un-named divs.

Your Trust content will likely need to be placed in an un-named div as well.

Any questions? Just ask.


well u sound like u know what ur talking about I kinda have the same problem please answer back when u can>


There you go! :smiley:

What you have to do is basically to wrap ALL the three divs for travel, host and trust & safety that you have created earlier within a "container" div under "learn-more" div.


hey so as im looking at this and my thing happens at the bottom of ur cod