What does define all the variables mean?


i dont know what define the variables mean can someone tell me?


have you done any javascript? You know what a variable is?

A variable can hold a string, integer or more. You can create a variable myName the following way:

var myName = "jokerquizz"

now you have a var(iable) called myName, and in the exercise you are at you seem to need to define a few variable, which exercise are you at specifically?


10 sorry for late reply i cant get past it


Well, without your code is impossible to tell


var red = [0, 100, 63];
var orange = [40, 100, 60];
var green = [75, 100, 40];
var blue = [196, 77, 55];
var purple = [280, 50, 60];

var myName = "lachlan";

drawName(myName, letterColors);


this might help more



you need step 2 of the instructions, you need to create an array called letterColors with the 5 colors (red, orange and so on) which you defined on line 1 till line 5


thanks i finally got past it holy crap