What does CSS stand for, and what does it mean?


What does CSS stand for, and what does the full expansion of the abbreviation mean?


The abbreviation CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets.

Cascading refers to how the rules of the style sheet are applied based on order precedence. If there is more than one of the same rule that applies to the same element, the rule that comes later will have greater precedence. In addition, if we link multiple style sheets, the rules from the style sheets that are linked later will have greater precedence than the earlier linked ones.

A Style Sheet is a type of file or language that describes the presentation of a structured document. It is a way to apply “separation of concerns”, by separating the structure (HTML) from the style (CSS). CSS is a particular type of style sheet, mainly used for the Web, to describe the presentation of markup languages such as HTML.


I would like to add the concept of specificity here. Based on how the selectors are defined in the CSS sheet, they have specificity (eg. IDs have higher specificity than classes). FIrstly the selectors are compared on the basis of specificity (a higher value will be applied first) and then if they have equal values, the order plays a role.


Just want to check: are ID, class and descendant external styles of higher priority than internal and inline?

No, as I know inline has a higher priority than internal styles. In its turn internal has a higher priority than external styles. If we are talking about external stylesheets, the rules from the most recent file have a higher priority. It is possible to override later rules using !important. Here, read comments and articles from more experienced developerswhat is the order of precedence for css?

Thank you for the explanation!