What does an EOFE in python 2 means and how do i fix it?

#i’m a begginer, and i wanted to make a lil project (its the first one i tried to make with no instructions).

jeans_size = 38

My_jeans_size = raw_input(‘what is your jeans size?:’)
#the line above is the EOFE error

if My_jeans_size == 38:

print “we have what you are looking for!”

elif My_jeans_size != 38:

print “we are sorry, your jeans is out of stock”


print ‘we dont know your jeans size, so we cant help you’

Welcome to the community @4999168664!! :slightly_smiling_face:

EOFE means End Of File Error, it is typically thrown when an input() or raw_input() tries to collect input but is not given anything to read.

If you are doing this project in Codecademy’s console, than chances are the lesson isn’t set up to except input. I’d recommend running this on either your own computer or through an online IDE like replit.


thank you very much, I’ll let you know if this worked