What does AlbionsRefuge do all day?

But you are not in an IT branch, right? I remember you said that in the former forum and it was so strange to me. You provide great help, thanks.
I am a bit qurious what is your main job.


I don’t think that I would have said that. I might have said that I don’t get to do a lot of programming. I fit programming in where it helps my other work but it isn’t my main thing.

I coordinate support issues. Got a broken computer? New here and need accounts? Can’t get logged in to something? Can’t get on wi-fi? Got a virus? Need an app to do something? I have a team to handle those things. I guide the queue. I decide when bigger projects get dumped into the queue. Let’s switch everyone to Win 10 next month. Then let’s book times to make sure they are up to speed. Time to replace all the 2012 laptops. Mac or PC? People need training in some new thing, maybe making instructional videos, etc., let’s get that in the queue. A teaching room needs some new tech, get that sourced, installed and all the users trained. Let’s get this dusty old pile of things digitized so the items can be viewed by everyone. Is everyone totally up to date and aware of keeping their data secure? Let’s make a course and include a quiz so that we know they’ve done it.

There are many little details to look after to keep an organization happy. I hope that answers your question.


Yes absolutely! Pls forgive my appease. I am not very sure what did you mean (in the old forum) but this answer complete satisfy me. thanks