What does add aparagraph mean


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With no example or the lesson in front of us one can only assume that there is some existing HTML, to which we are to add a paragraph. In HTML, a paragraph is symbolized by <p></p>, being the opentag and endtag respectively. The text for the paragraph will go between the tags.

<p>I'm a paragraph marked up in P tags</p>


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Onw question could u help me with the target attributes?:grinning:


Are you referring to the target attribute for a link?


Yes i am i was wondering what it ment and how you use it


The target attribute is a holdover from the old days of frameset, or frames for short. Frames are not much in use any more but the the one value that has hung on is the target="_blank" which if included with an anchor will cause the link to open in a new window.

There are ramifications that go along with this attribute, such as accessibility concerns regarding new windows having no back button. However, at this stage it is enough to know what it is and how to use it.

<a href="#" target="_blank">Link will open in new window</a>


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Cool how do you add the image on 8/15 i tried adding the URL and the link and it said Did you add the image?
plz help me this is very confusing!!!!!


An image uses the <img> tag along with a src attribute.

<img src="%URI">

If we wish to use the image as a hot spot for a link, we wrap it in an anchor element.

<a href="https://www.codecademy.com/"><img src="#"></a>

Try clicking on the above image.


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