What does a bad source file mean?


Does Droid.java contain class Droid? (it’s case sensitive).

Yes it does, I rechecked the cases of every single class but still I kept getting an error.

Can you link the lesson and share your code (formatted)?
The other thing is to check the directory structure and membership.

Sure! Here it is
public class Droid {

String name;
int batteryLevel;

public Droid(String droidName) {
name = droidName;
batteryLevel = 100;

public void performTask(String Task) {
batteryLevel = batteryLevel - 10;
System.out.println(name + " is perorming a task " + Task);


public String toString() {
return “Hello I’m a droid:” + name;

public static void main(String args) {
Droid codey = new Droid(“Codey”);


This code runs perfectly fine for me. Try saving the code externally and resetting it maybe.

I tried resetting it, and it actually worked. Thanks for the help!