What do you think about my version of Len's Slice project of the Python 3 basic course, I'm just started learning to code

# Your code below: toppings = ["pepperoni", "pineapple", "cheese", "olives", "anchovies", "mushrooms"] prices = [2, 6, 1, 3, 2, 7, 2] num_two_dollar_slices = prices.count(2) toppings = ["pepperoni", "pineapple", "cheese", "sausage", "olives", "anchovies", "mushrooms"] num_pizzas = len(toppings) print("We sell", num_pizzas, "different kinds of pizza!") prices = [2, 6, 1, 3, 2, 7, 2] pizza_and_prices = [[prices[0],toppings[0]], [prices[1],toppings[1]], [prices[2],toppings[2]], [prices[3],toppings[3]], [prices[4],toppings[4]], [prices[5],toppings[5]], [prices[6],toppings[6]]] pizza_and_prices.sort() print("Pizza menu from the cheapest to the most expansive one", pizza_and_prices) cheapest_pizza = pizza_and_prices[0] print("Our cheapest pizza is:", cheapest_pizza) priciest_pizza = pizza_and_prices[-1] print("Our most expansive is:", priciest_pizza) print("Sorry, this pizza has been temporarily sold out:", pizza_and_prices[-1]) pizza_and_prices.pop() pizza_and_prices.insert(4, [2.5, "peppers" ]) print("In the meantime, we recommend our new pizza, just right for every budget", pizza_and_prices[4:5]) three_cheapest = pizza_and_prices[:3] print("and our cheapest Pizzas are:", three_cheapest)