What do you plan to do with the skills you learn here


Hi people! I'm new here so i just wanted to ask people what do you plan to do with the skills you learn here? I'm going to a computing college in September so i plan to use what i know then!! :smile:


I am building (or rather learning) to build a webapp with django, i learned python here. There is no django course on codecademy. Django is a framework with which you can build webapps more easily.

For the rest all sorts of small scripts which do things.

Always good to already learn something before going to computing college


Sounds great! i plan to do coding when im older so i have to get a head start!


Well, I'm planning to use my skills to make a website, Speedcubing Tutorials, which teaches other people how to solve the Rubik's Cube and other puzzles of sorts in mere seconds. I also plan to make my personal Android app and make programs for the Raspberry Pi, Windows and Mac OS X (using Java).

@stetim94, I agree on your last sentence.

Even I don't know Python, Ruby, and Java, yet.