What do we use to work with databases?


In the context of this exercise, what do we use to work with databases?


To work with databases, we use software known as database management systems, or DBMS for short. Database management systems let us do very useful things such as create and manipulate database tables, by writing and running code in the form of queries or statements. For an example, the following query will return all the rows from a database,

FROM table;

Some of the most popular and well-known database management systems are SQLite which is used in the courses on Codecademy, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.


to become familiar with the company’s datd

With the help of

FROM browse

I have selected all columns with 10 rows.

When i used below mentioned code

FROM browse

It is showing all 1s .

Why the code has not selected 1 column in case of this? Or Is there any way we can limit the column and unlimited rows?

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You select individual columns by their name. For example , if you wanted only the user_id column, you could:

SELECT user_id
FROM browse;

Leaving out the LIMIT clause would return all 2,352 user id’s in a single column.


FROM browse;
They can limit the column (SELECT 1 - limit columns have value = 1) and unlimit rows.

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We use data bases because is a way to have the data organized. In this sense then is necessary a management system to administrate the data so people develop a language to administrate de organized data in a databases.

Select 1 from (table_name) => will return a column named [1] and having value = 1 for the number of rows in the table you specified in (table_name).
if you want to only select first column in your table use :
SELECT [Column_name] FROM [TableName]

Does this course have prerequisites please?

In my opinion that we use SQL to work with databases

The thing is, looking at the schema there wasn’t a column named 1. Is it that integer selections will override the logic of the database and generate it’s own table?

No, it doesn’t. If you are new to coding, I can recommend starting with Code Foundations career path. I started with it😉. It helped me to decide what to learn🥳.


We use a data management systems such as a SQL, Excel or Google Sheets to sift through data and draw conclusions based on the problem we’re attempting to solve, or information we’re attempting to string together to tell a cohesive story.

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if i want to select 2 column, for example user_id and browse_date
how do i incorporate into Select function?

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You could try:

SELECT user_id, browse_date
FROM   browse;