What do they mean by " type the command after the shell prompt

Let’s begin by taking a closer look at input and output.

In the terminal, after the shell prompt, type

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im stuck on that one too:(

agggh i tried it so many times but still keeps saying “after the shell prompt”

Please post a screenshot of your whole browser so we can see what you see.

how do i screen shot??

That will depend on your operating system. What are you using?

window 7 home premium 64-bit operating system

Windows 7 has an app called Snipping Tool, just click on the Start button and slowly start typing Snip – you should see it appear in the list

yeah i tried a couple times…

Alright, just to clear out any confusion on the code checker’s part, look under the Get Help button and take the option to reset this exercise.

When that is done, make sure you type only

echo "Hello"

Don’t forget to make the H on Hello uppercase.


omg wow so i was doing it right its just that i didn’t put a uppercase H for hello…
but thank you so much for the help bro :smile:

hey dude so i found how to do it. just make sure you type in hello with the capital H instead of a lower case so it should look like echo “Hello”

okay thanks dude. :smile:

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