What do these Rails commands really do?


rake db:migrate
rake db:seed
bundle install
rails generate model "name"
rails new "name"

and do we just ignore all those other files and .rb under directores?


Hey Mjwrazor,

  1. Other people have asked about those before, too :) Have you tried a search for "What does [command] do?"? A lot of the results look pretty helpful :) I don't mind helping you understand something further though, it's just that getting into the habit of searching around for an answer before asking a question is a good practice :)
  2. Most of them, yes, you'll ignore them at least for now. A lot of the *.rb files in a Rails project are for Rails to know what to do, and you won't need to mess with them until you start doing more and more advanced stuff.


Ah i see. Well in fact I do have a rather big idea question to ask but If you could point me in the right direction fore to post this question. I am making a website on a AWS on an ec2 instance. and I still havent figured out how a website reciebes data to manipulate into charts and what not.

The data is being sent from a weather station my team will create. There will be a sim card cellular device that will send the data via http or ftp depending on which one I want to use. Although I am so mew to the internet of things Im not sure how the website deals with incoming data from an outside source. is there a key or something?


@mjwrazor It seems to me like you've got a very complex project. I would recommend hiring an experienced developer, who's done this type of stuff before, if possible, or else working on smaller projects and building your way up to your weather site thing.
There's no one way to deal with incoming data, how you receive/send it depends on your situation. But yes, you could do it with a key thing if you wanted.