What do the lines printed after git commit actually mean?

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I am in the basic git workflow part of my computer science path, everything is going fine, actually more than fine. I got so much in love with git i downloaded the desktop version of github on my desktop and uploaded projects im working on from other cs courses. I just want to know what the lines printed actually mean. In particular the lines after git commit:

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 11.35.45 PM

  1. “create mode 100644”
  2. “70 insertions(+)”

Thank you in advance for answering.

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I’ll keep it short rather than going into much details :slight_smile:

  1. Create Mode: - Tells about permissions given to that file, i.e., File permissions. Here, 100644 means the file is a normal file.
  2. Insertions:- It means the number of files added in that particular commit.

To learn more about it, you can also refer to git documentation here.

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Thanks a million! why are the permissions gives such codes tho?

Assume we have a file which is having these permissions


In CLI if we would see these kinds of permissions listed, it would be a lot of clutter. It’s natural we would like to find some shorthand notation for it. Just like abbreviations are there to reference something. We would like to keep it simple so that we can know as much about a file in a crux and fast way without going over more detailed information.

If you wanna know more about file permissions and their role check here

Conclusion: It’s just a shorthand notation for files.

P.S. I answered what I thought was best to my knowledge.However, I do recommend you to learn more about it from other internet resources. Don’t dive too much deep otherwise you’ll be overwhelmed with so much information.