What do I save pages as?


I know the hompage should be index.html

What should a contact us page be saved as? contact-us.html?

What should a gallery page be saved as? (I know the extension is *.html but, what should the name be?)

Also, I know index.html (homepage) should be the 'top' file (the file when first opening the folder). Where should additional pages be saved? and, Where do I save the photos I use on the site? Because right now, I have every file in 1 folder on my desktop.

1 more thing, What do I name the folder that holds all the files?


The homepage is called index, but the others can be called whatever you want, and placed wherever you want, anywhere. Just make sure you're linking them up properly in hyperlinks etc.

The folder name makes no difference if it's the main one - only worry about the ones inside that.