What do I need to start working with machine learning?



This lesson, provided an introduction to machine learning. What do I need to get started working with machine learning?


To get started working with machine learning, you only need a few things.

First, you will need a language to write your machine learning code in, and an editor. Python is probably the most accessible and easy to use, as well as one of the most powerful languages for machine learning. To get Python, we suggest downloading Anaconda, which is a package manager for Python that includes Python and many useful packages. It also comes with Jupyter Notebook, an application that runs on your browser, and lets you edit and run code directly in the browser.

Once you’ve installed Python, you would need to install the required packages for machine learning, if not already included. These include sklearn, numpy, and matplotlib.

Once you have all that, you’re ready to get started! You can obtain datasets for testing out your models from online resources like Kaggle.com, or you can even create your own datasets.