What do I need to practice Javascript local


I just finished “7. Intermediate JavaScript” on the web dev path and I would like to pause the course. I want to practice what I learned (make some tiny projects from scratch) but I am not sure what i need for that.

I copied the whole sourcecode from Wanderlust on my local PC and tried to run the requests, but i guess that’s not the way to go.

How do i setup my local PC for requests like in Wanderlust?

Or should i go and get some free/cheap Webspace?

I read in the source code that there is JQuery linked. Do I need that for requests?

Hello @rheinswimmer, if you didn’t mind using an online compiler, then repl is quite good. It allows you to write your HTML, CSS and JS together and then link them. Granted, this is only an online compiler and not local, but if you just wanted to practise what you’ve learnt, then it might be of some use.

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Hi @codeneutrino

thank you for your reply. Repl.it looks really nice and I guess that will do it for now.

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