What do i need to make. someting like this and courses i need to learn

Hi first off I play a crime online rpg in text form
and would like to know what is required to do this course wise as I am thinking big plans but way over my head can anyone please tell me what courses I would need to learn to make a game like this printed link
any help would be much appreciated. .http://www.awakenedlands.com/index.php


that is quit a project, here is what you need:

html + css for the layout of the page (link)
you want javascript, the only scripting language in the browser
they seem to use php for there backend, but you could really use anything. You could use nodeJS (which is javascript) which seems to become increasingly popular), which means you don’t have to learn another language like php

lol yeah I know I’m way over my head.
thanks for the point out on how to go about it.

If you are new to programming, you will have to accept this is going to take a while

There are two major problems here: making a complicated story just takes long, and clientside javascript (which is taught here on codecademy) is loaded into the browser, giving the user control, which means they can just manipulate the js code to finish the game

Hm… you might be able to use a js framework (firebase maybe), but of this i don’t know the details.

yes I accept that I wasn’t expecting miracles any time soon I know that those games took along time I would just like to create one.
I heard of a place called mccodes to get a engine and basic set up pre made would this be ideal to do it this way.

you can indeed see if there is something which you can use, you can also check github, which contains many free code, some of which might be very useful for you to implant, but i will leave that to you

First, learn basic programming otherwise you could buy so many things but have no idea how to implant them

ok thanks. will diff keep that in mind.