What do i need to learn to code minecraft plugins?


I want to code plugins for my minecraft server but i dont know what to learn and what do i need to learn firt?
send me som links of where i can start learning it pls
or ADD me on DISCORD if you are a good MINECRAFT PLUGIN CODER: Elite_CraftMC#5981


Minecraft and Minecraft servers are Java. That's what you'll need for a plugin (I'm assuming you mean an actual plugin, and not a mod for the client, even though they're both Java). All plugins require a .jar file to run, and optional configuration files, so you'll need to think about that (config is not needed, but you might want it).

How much experience do you have with:
1. Coding Java?
2. Coding plugins in Java (I'm guessing none?)
3. Running a bukkit/spigot server (with plugins)?

Remember to back up your server files before loading new [versions of] plugins.


I dont have any expirience whit Java Or coding plugins I only work on my own Minecraft server in the config file
Could you pls Send me the links I need to follow to learn iT?


There are loads of videos on YouTube for beginners - I recommend you start looking there.