What Do I Need to Download to Make My C++ Projects?

I’m working on the C++ courses and I really want to practice what I’m learning. I followed the steps to download the msys2 program, but not exactly sure what that is/how to use it.
My current goal is to write code to do some math/see if I can get it to do chemistry equations (I have to do some of that in a physiology class I am taking and thought this would be a fun coding challenge that is practical at the moment). Basically, what do I need to download on my computer to make these little project programs in C++? Sorry if I do not yet know all of the terminology yet to really narrow down what it is I’m trying to explain.

Thank you in advance if I don’t check back in a reasonable time (really busy finishing up my nursing pre-reqs and working full time… codecademy is just a fun free time thing I’m working on and hoping to do more in the future).

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Hi! I would suggest you install Visual Studio Code as it supports not only C++ but also many other languages and development tools. Also, it might be more expedient for you to choose Python rather than C++. If you are not planning to dive into coding it will be easier in terms of coding experience and debugging as it’s more “user friendly”. Here is the link for VS Code guide: C++ programming with Visual Studio Code