What do I do if I can't navigate to a certain directory?



I’m supposed to navigate to the /home/ccuser/workspace/blog/2015 directory so I can continue with this exercise, but I navigated somewhere I didn’t mean to. How can I find my bearings and get to where I need to be?


Always be sure to keep in mind two things when navigating the command line:

  1. Your current location (pwd)
  2. Available directories to cd into (pwd)

This should keep you on track, and is generally just good practice.
But! If you are already ‘lost,’ there’s still hope. In this case, we have a file tree structure handy, which shows you the entire directory structure and should help you find your way around.

Just keep in mind: Using cd .. goes up one level, so if you’re already inside of the ‘jan’ directory, for example, and go up one level, you will then be in the ‘2015’ directory, and will have access to ‘jan’, ‘feb’, and ‘motherboard.txt.’