What do I do after I've completed the C++ course?


Now that I’ve completed the C++ course on codecademy, how do I move on from here ? I’m 16, but I want to be able to get a job by the end of the year. Any tips ?


Practice. I was thought to code at least 1 hour a day to stay sharp. Go make something or do some code-challenges.

It is never sure what type of work you are going to do when you start your job. So keep practicing general things and stay open to new things and be prepared to keep learning.


Take CS50. It’s only $99. And it gives you a certification.


What type of job? Practice, like what @biirra said is good to make you can remember it, but for most jobs C++ isn’t enough. Have you taken any other languages?


Review each course, and make sure to do others for most jobs will require more than one language. Maybe try Python.


Java would be a decent course since its similar in some ways toward C++.


Startups, Like the one I own, Would definitely be willing to hire you if you are a hard worker.


Where do you find startups that are willing to hire with little-to no job experience? I know JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js (express, react, ejs… ect…), A bit of C type languages (C/C#/C++). I’ve been working every day to learn but where to go next? to find one of these startups willing to accept someone like me?


Why don’t you take some courses at a Community College?


You find them by applying to all of them. Here is a story of a fellow codecadamy learner who made a very inspiring story of his journey.

Also don’t worry to much about no job experience. If you have a portfolio to show they usually don’t care that much. Just keep trying. If you get rejected you can always ask why and than you know where you need to improve.


Hey everyone,
So I’ve read everyone’s answers. Thank you so much for writing in, it means a lot.
And since asking this question, I’ve come up with a plan. I’m going to do the python and website design courses, as well as git. and then I’m going to take CS50. In the mean time, I’m also going to try katas on codewars.com.

Cheers !


Your welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


hello @objectblaster53030! this is sonny from codecademy and one of the creators of the course. we are about to launch not one… not two… not three… but four more modules in the next 2 months. so stay tuned!


Hey Sonny, thanks for the reply. I will definitely be taking the upcoming modules. Looking forward to it !


@objectblaster53030 vectors and functions are up!