What do I do after I have been helped?

When you have a problem with your code don’t be shy to post your code and the error you’re getting so that you can be assisted by a moderator, helper, or any codecademy user that is capable of doing so.

But when you are satisfied with the help you have received and your code is working as it should it is very considerate and tactful to click the solution button below the reply that has helped you rectify and understand your code,:+1:

This is also a way for other helpers, or moderators to identify that a topic can now be closed. :lock:

Additional Note: If you really like an explanation or solution to your problem feel free to like it as well. :heart:

The solution button is the left most button below a reply to a topic that you have created.

In the event that you are still not satisfied enough to acknowledge a solution to your problem, don;'t hesitate to ask for clarification or a second explanation. :grin:

Happy Coding! :heart_decoration: :computer:


I do really like this. And it’s not because I like those extra help desk points! The way that this forum works is cool because when the question has a “solution”, there will be an icon outside of the post where you can see if the topic has been solved, as well as inside of the topic, under the initial post, there is something that tells you the topic has been solved by whom and in what post number. These are incredibly helpful, especially when you’re looking for help in previous posts.
Additionally, congrats getting the Help Desk Gold badge a few days ago! (Super unrelated but I noticed it a couple days back.) :slight_smile:


Good point, @bandit :slight_smile:

If you like the solution that was offered, also click on the like icon (As I just did here).


Yea it doesn’t just help the user getting assistance but also the rest of the codecademy users know what topics are active and which ones should be left alone so they can be closed manually or automatically.

Haha Thanks for noticing! :grin: Funny actually I didn’t notice at first until I went onto my profile :sweat_smile:

Congratulations to you as well for getting the help desk (bronze) badge you’ve only been on the forum for a short while but are making a positive impact where you can. :slight_smile:


Thank you, @appylpye

Haha I’ve in fact added that to the post good point as well. :smile:


Aww thanks! I would’ve just liked your response but I ran out of likes today, so thanks! :slight_smile:


You can get badges for running out of likes. :slight_smile:


Indeed you can! :wink: First time it’s happened though! I keep on trying to like things and it’s like, “nope!” Please wait 7 more minutes and try again.