What did you achieve in 2021

What did you achieve in 2021 whether if its coding related or not? If you made a post here What are your 2021 goals? did you achieve those goals and what are they.

I will start. I really got into coding this past year and learned CSS, JS, PHP and I might finish learning Python by the time the year is over. I also joined these forums and became a superuser.


I progressed A LOT in my python 3 knowledge and just overall programming knowledge, plus I would say I am now an intermediate programmer :grinning:.

I also used the Codecademy Forums more than I thought I would which is nice.

Lastly, I have been starting to learn Spanish using Duolingo a lot and am chugging along with a 10 day streak!

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That’s awsome! I’m doing the Python 3 course right now

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In 2021 I learned C ++ and learned the basics of IT. also around the end of the year I started learning Python. I am satisfied with my 2021 in terms of programming :slight_smile: Since my interest is related to the IT industry, I read this is just a top site about software development, web design, etc., here you can find out a lot of new interesting information. Use :slight_smile:

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That sounds awesome. I am also learning Python

In 2021 I have finally decided to give coding a shot and actually managed to stick with it. After the fundamentals I started the CS career path and I’m now halfway through CS102. I love it and I would never go back. I’m looking forward to a 2022 full of coding and discoveries.

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