What did wrong?



Oops, try again. Did you create a function called list?

var friends = {
 Bill: {
     firstName: "Bill",
     lastName: "Wood",
     number:   "374-3158",
     address: ['Montreal','Quebec','Canada']
 Steve: {
     firtsName: "Steve",
     lastName: "Roux",
     number:   "728-2925",
     address: ['Quebec','Quebec','Canada']
var list = function(friends){
 for(var key in object){


Check this line of code.
also your functions parameter is friends so you have to iterate over friends not object?
Read instructions and theory again!


Hi dude, you can't use
for(var key in object)


Because in this question the object is friends,

So you should write like this way:
for(var key in friends)


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