What did I do wrong?


So as far as I can tell, I made a sufficient code, yet when it runs it still says I need to be using list slicing, which I believe I am.

to_21 = range(1,22)
odds = my_list[::2]
middle_third = my_list[(len(to_21)/3):(len(to_21)/3*2)]

When I print this, I get the desired results, yet it still says to use list slicing? I’m very confused, any help would be appreciated.


What exercise is this?

Practice Makes Perfect: 15 is Median, that doesn’t seem to be what you are doing

I suggest reading over the instructions a couple times extra, it could be that you are trying to do something other than what the instructions ask for.
Cleaning up the code some might help as well, your middle line doesn’t seem to have any effect at all