What did I do incorrectly?


I thought I followed the directions, but I keep getting it incorrect.Every comment was the direction:
// Declare a variable on line 3 called
// myCountry and give it a string value.
var myCountry = "United States"

// Use console.log to print out the length of the variable myCountry.

// Use console.log to print out the first three letters of myCountry.


What's the ">12" for? I don't think that's supposed to be there.

What error message or w/e are you getting?
also, it'll be easier for people to help you if you you say which lesson you're on (in this case it's 25.More Variable Practice). and there's a proper way to format your code in a post that keeps the indentations and such preserved so people can copy/paste it to tinker with themselves, but tbh I dunno how that's done. I think it's the little </> button?


Thank you very much for the input, it will help me when i need more help! But right after I sent the comment I figured it out. I'm new to this (as you cane tell) but still thank you!


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