What Developing an Interest Should Look Like; Making That Personal Connection and Building a Community

You know those 9-to-5 jobs that just seem necessary to survive? Picture this: You wake up in the big city, you’re in your New York apartment, and get ready for the day ahead. You brush your teeth, take a shower, and scan the newspaper before taking your briefcase filled with important papers to your job of the day. You walk into the office, say hello to a few coworkers, and they say hi back, before going to sit at your cubicle. You stare at this empty void and begin to type. You grab a cup of coffee, and that is merely the highlight of your day. (This is my food mention for the day, folks!) When you get back from work, you skip dinner as you’re exhausted, and climb right into bed? Sound familiar to any of you? Maybe not, but this is the type of life a lot may find themselves in, and consider it a sacrifice for a well-paying job. But at what cost? I think coding is a great way that a lot of people are able to learn about their passions, and even redefine what they know about the world. Some tips I would recommend while coding would be finding a project that you really enjoy doing, or even introducing a project at the workplace. This would make your skills stand out even more, and you would be able to not stick to a single routine. Introduce collaboration, overall mental health and well-being even, as a part of whatever you decided to plan. Even if your job has nothing at all that relates to coding, or requires no academic prior knowledge, you can inform those in the community that you work in about your experiences with coding. Share your experiences and develop an understanding that will hep promote your personal brand and interests! How have you shared coding with those in the community that you work in? And if you’re lacking any motivation, I would check out Forbes’s article on Chuck Feeny and his mindset on giving and journey into philanthropy. I know this has almost nothing to do with philanthropy, but I personally thought it was interesting to see how he was able to develop this passion that meant giving up a creating lifestyle, and how he helped inspired others. There are a lot of different ways to define and interest; You can call it a natural talent, something that you just do to pass the time, but either way the commitment and level of respect anyone dedicates to any activity is something that should be admired and more openly shared, together. My story with this particular mission would be helping develop technology endeavors, and funding for such research opportunities as a volunteer. I helped recruit a lot of people to supp rt a cause, and was able to give others the insight they needed to know how to handle the diseases they had and what resources were available to them.