What course to take after Python3?

Hello !

I just finished the Python 3 class which is the only course I took regarding Python.
As I really want to explore every aspect of this programming language, I was wondering which course should I take next that would suit perfectly my actual Python knowledge.

Thank you.

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You should learn HTML 5(Hypertext Markup Language) to create the base website then CSS 3 (Cascading Style Sheets) to style the websites then Javascript to make the websites interactive like doing something when a user clicks on an element
Hope this helps :grinning:

Thank you for your reply !

I already took those 2 courses, and my idea was really to keep learning Python, but with a more specific approach. For example, CodeCademy offers courses such as Statistics, Machine Learning, Algoriths…(and many more) but I don’t know which one to choose among them.


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You can take Intro to Data Analysis which covers some fundamental statistics with Python. For more advance learners, consider the Machine Learning intensive.


Perfect, thank you !