What course should I follow next?

Hi there… I have a question based on my lack of experience. I have just finished the c++ course on this platform. I thought that this might me a good start for my programming path. However, I find myself stuck in a situation in which I do not know what course should I follow next. Like what is the natural continuity of c++?
Regarding my ultimate objective, in a few years, I would like to become a software developer.
Could you please give me an advice? Also, I should mention that the c++ course is my only experience regarding the programming area and I am eager to learn more. I would just like to be somehow organized in this learning area.

Sadly Codecademy only has the one course on C++, so to continue learning it I would recommend getting a local environment set up and start practicing there. There are also quiet a few good books on the language, including several written by the creator of the language:

Some other languages you could look into are Python, which is incredibly flexible and good for building console applications or desktop applications with GUIs like Tkinter.

A couple of other languages you could look at are Java and Koitlin , which are both used for building Android applications.