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Unexpected end of imput

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var usuarioElige = prompt("piedra, papel o tijera?");
var computadoraElige = Math.random(0,1);
if (computadoraElige <0,34){
	computadoraElige = "piedra";
}else if(computadoraElige <=0.67){
	computadoraElige = "papel";
	computadoraElige = "tijera";
var comparar = function (eleccion1, eleccion2) {
if (eleccion1 === eleccion2); {
    return ("¬°Es un empate!");
 else if (eleccion1 === "piedra"); {
  if (eleccion2 === "tijera") {
        return ("piedra gana");
    } else { 
        return ("papel gana");


Here what exactly did you want to write check your numbers

Now here


inspect these lines for correct syntax
remember the correct syntax for if/else

{//open if block

}//close if 
else{//open else block

    //other statements
}//close else block

Finally run through your comparar function and make sure every opening brace has a matching closing brace