What console are they talking about?




I’ve been doing this course for a bit now, and just realised that I had no clue of what console they were talking about.
(feels dumb, knowing that I haven’t seen anything happen, but I guess it’s my problem for not knowing what they mean).

IS there anyone who could elaborate more on what “console” they’re talking about?


the black column on the right is a console, given console.log logs to the console. Normally, consoles is a tool build into a browser:

to display information (error messages and warnings), and can be used for debugging

codecademy included a console in the JS lessons to make things easier.


I knew that, it was just that in those exercises that I was doing, didn’t have a console where I could look so I thought I was in a glitched course or so. Thanks for explaining about the way to bring up console in a browser! :smile:


For specific exercises and problems i would need to look at that specific exercise, but i haven’t gotten to it to do all the new content


Okay, cool!
(Slightly off topic, but happy community anniversary to you!)


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