What coding language should I learn as a beginner to get myself started at coding?


I am a beginner at coding. I am going to high school this year and I find coding beneficial throughout my courses and even beyond. Which coding language would be suitable for my age level, skill level, and need?

My interests are possibly inventing programs. I took the starting quiz in Codecademy and it recommended me the free course of Python.

In addition, will it benefit me to pay for Codecademy Premium. Does it have real instructors teaching?


That is a hard question since it depends on what you want to do. For example, there is a path for web development which starts with HTML5 + CSS + JS and then you can choose to go Front-End / UI-UX Designer, which basically covers the page interactivity / user interface or Back-End which focused on database and everything related to computing data / forms / etc. For back-end, there are tons of programming languages like Python, Ruby, Java, etc and of course frameworks / libraries.

If it is going to be focused on mobile apps, there is Android and iOS which of course are based on others programming languages like Java or Kotlin for Android, and Swift for iOS.

And if you want something related to software development, there are going to be plenty number of paths to manage something based on what you know or what’s need.


Thanks! I am rather interested in making programs rather than web development. Will Python still be a good option to get myself started?

In addition? Is Codecademy Premium worth it and why?


As the quiz result suggested, Python is as good a place to start as any, and possibly the best for your purposes. Expect it to be a lot of work (not just the lessons/exercises) and equip yourself with all the Python documentation that you take the time to read and get to know how to use. .


Thanks! That sounds like I’ve got a good choice. Do you think Codecademy Premium is worth it for me though?


On that I have no opinion being on the free side of the pay wall. I don’t think it would hurt to get immersed in the language via the free tracks just to bring up your awareness and test your aptitude. That will help you get up to speed in the more intensive (and time sensitive) Pro tracks should you decide to venture that way.


Here is my $0.02.

Start with Python, particularly if you aren’t overly familiar with programming. Learning Python will give you a gentle introduction to key programming topics such as control flows, conditionals, the difference between procedural and modular programming, data types, user defined functions, etc. If you want to stay on the web side of things, I would agree with everything that was posted here. If you are planning on anything else, a healthy understanding of C/C++ and Java will do you good, even if you don’t reach expert level.


I just recently got pro myself and it is worth it. the lessons are so much more in depth and advanced. If you can afford it, go for it. Heck even just get one month of it.