What codecademy career path is right for me?

I have finished advanced python in the codecademy courses. Multiple times i have been linked to a career path page which seemed interested in. The ones I liked were, the front-end engineer path, the back-end engineer path, the machine learning/ai engineer path, the ios developer, and full-stack engineer path. The problem is that I need a good career path to choose in the long run. Meaning that I want to choose a path that would probably be the best choice and reasonable choice. (I might even do all the paths if I can) I just want to hear your guys decision to help me out. If you want (optional but I would really like it) to rank the paths from the most necessary to the least necessary.

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

It’s difficult to say for a few reasons. What is your current goal? What are you interested in and what do you want to create/build? Plus, interests and goals change, so what you decide upon now might not be where you end up in the future. Any advice an outsider would give you is subjective. Figure out what really interests you and go from there.
Good luck!

It depends on your goals and preferences. Quote @lisalisaj:

Best of luck from Oli!

@olidaholi @lisalisaj, I am interested in some things such as, in web apps, front-end development, chatbots (like llms). My goals are probably to improve front-end and back-end development because I want to be very good and comfortable at it and I want my websites to look neat, stylish, and stable.