What code would be good for making video games?


Me and my friends want to start a gaming company, and I would be making sure the game code works. But I don't know what type of code to learn for that.

Also the first game would be a mobile/PC* game.

*by PC I meant like Mac and PC


*MacOS, Windows and Linux

You should probably learn about this game development stuff (including the languages you'd use) before deciding to build a company around it. Take a look around the forum, because this has been asked many times before.


I was wondering like what code to start learning to


also I would be the one writing the code and they would be making the art for everything


Like I said; browse the forum, you'll find a bunch of answers, and you should really do some work on your own to get used to it, before starting a 'company' with others.


like this forum? or other forums?


also I've been hearing that C++ stuff is good for games is there anywhere I can learn that?


Do you think you could link me a website to learn C++ or C#?




thanks for the link -this is just for the extra space-