What code editor do you recommend for HTML?

Hi, I am reading the tutorial for the HTML lesson in the following link:

I watched the video and found that the code editor that the video’s author used has some autofill functionality. I wonder what code editor did she use ? Also, if there is something better and more powerful to use, please recommend it!


I’d personally recommend Visual Studio Code by Microsoft, it’s very powerful, customizable and it’s pretty standard, there definitely are other options (Sublime Text and Atom to name a few) but that’s what I use personally and can recommend.

I don’t quite recognize what they specifically are using in the video, but I think it’s Atom?

Notably I’d say the specific editor you chose isn’t super important, and it’s best just to pick on that you feel comfortable using and like the look of! :slight_smile:

Happy coding!


One more thing you should look out for when choosing an IDE is what integrations you can have. For most developers, you only care about git/GitHub but some IDEs might only support GitLab but not Github.

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Yeah, the author mentioned in the later part of the video that she is using Atom.