What career path should I take to become self-taught programmer

** What job career will I get as a self-taught full-stack engineer, and what career path should I take?**
(My goal is to become a Software Engineer, tho, starting little is definitely understandable.
Little about me, (For better career path recommendation):
I graduated high school almost 3 years ago and I turned 21 just a couple of months ago. I can’t afford college so I went to the military, tho it wasn’t for me, and got discharged right after graduating boot-camp. Fast forward, here I am, still can’t afford college. I don’t expect my dad to pay or support me for it, neither the government. My dad is a single parent father of 4 kids with 4 boys and a girl, (that includes me). He makes almost minimum wage so I have to help out pay almost all the bills to live and such necessaries. My dad’s paycheck is cut in half since he has to borrow money from his 401k so that he can take my little sister from the Philippines to here in the United States. I am the oldest out of all my siblings, and make a little more than my dad, like 2 dollars more (so basically, I play almost all the bills here in the family. I wanted to do something for myself and not stay the way I am, and don’t get me wrong. I wanted to get into this not because I thought, “it looks cool,” but it’s something I’m interested in. I can see how this programming career could be in demand or useful in the future for marketing purposes or any other.
What I mainly want to learn is to make a website, make apps that are somewhat useful or for entertainment, and work on the server or cloud/physical storage area.

Should I go to college, or is there a better or possible path for me to take for a better job career? All suggestions, corrections, and discrimination are welcomed. I’m well aware of my lack of knowledge, but will always want to hear facts to better myself. (I may have some bad grammar or wrong use of words and some non-sense sentences. English is not my native language, it is my 3rd so I apologize for some misunderstanding sentences. It also took some time for me to make this forum. I have to re-read the whole thing and think if it’s readable or easy to understand.

Disclaimer: I am not asking for any type of pity here. I’m just asking for a better path for a better career not just for myself but for the community and of course mainly, my family.

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Hi there, welcome to the community!

If what you want to build is a website, then I’d recommend the “Front-End” or “Full Stack” career paths.

Front-End deals with the pages that users see - so you’d be using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Full Stack includes the processing on the backend.

If in doubt, I’d say go for the Full Stack course - it’s the broadest, but if there’s certain areas you find you like best you can also narrow your focus further down the line. :slight_smile:

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