What can I look forward to in the coming Python lessons?


What will I be learning and making in the Python course now that I’ve finished the basic syntax lesson?


If you stick with the lessons here on Codecademy, you’ll learn about lots of fundamental concepts you may have heard of by now like loops, conditionals, classes, and file input and output. Using the knowledge you gain through these lessons, you’ll be fully equipped to build awesome applications and, more importantly, continue learning on your own.

Once you’ve mastered the fundamental concepts, you’ll be able to better understand how to use existing tools that allow you to more easily build projects. After learning Python, you should be able to go through online documentation to be able to piece together your project!

Furthermore, if you subscribe to Codecademy Pro, you’ll get access to all of our projects and quizzes! Some of the projects include converting RGB to HEX values, DNA analysis, and a calendar. If you’re interested, check out our Pro offerings here!