What Can I Do With Javascript

I’m on the last topic of the JS course so I was planning to create my own project but I can’t think of an idea on how I will integrate it with HTML and CSS. I already searched online but they don’t seem to fit in what I’m planning to build. Could you give me ideas on where I can use my JS knowledge in creating a band website.

Can you give a brief description what the band website needs to do? What functionality/features does it need to have?

Javascript can make your website dynamic. What do you expect of JS?

It has three pages(Home, Profile and Discography)
Home, gives an introduction to the band.
Profile tells about the information of the members.
Discography shows the album description.

I didn’t really have an expectation with Javascript because I think things like animation can be done using CSS but I would still want to be able to use it but I don’t know where it can be used.

Css and JS can both do animations, but they work differently:


So certain something to look into.

Javascript can do a lot more then animations, but sounds like you don’t have a back-end in your website yet

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I haven’t learned any backend programming language yet so I just want to create a project with only html, css and javascript because I want to apply what I learned

Could you please tell me what more I can do with JS other than animating.

I think that might be a much for one answer?

We can insert html in the page, we can make image carousels, we could retrieve values from input fields. There really is a lot.

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Oh I think I get it now. Javascript makes it more alive. Like the css is the design and js gives it functionality.

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I suppose that is a good summary :slight_smile:

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