What Backend Language to Learn

I am currently enrolled in the Backend Developer course, which teaches Jave Script, Node.JS, and Express framework. I already have a foundational knowledge of Python and SQL through Data Science courses.
My question is, would it be better to build on my current knowledge of Python and start learning Flask or Django?
Or would it be more optimal in the long run to start learning Jave Script and Node.JS now?

The goal of the question is to gauge the pros and cons of each path and what would ultimately be more beneficial in landing a backend developer/engineer role.

Getting a decent backend role is dependent on understand the concepts of backend and having some projects that can showcase your skills. I’d say language is not as much of a consideration, since picking up javascript or python is not too hard if you know the other and have solid foundations in the concepts. Moreover, there’s many other valid languages that you can use for backend (Java, C#, Golang, Elixir, and maybe even C++ for certain use-cases).

Foundations of networking, database theory, operating systems, relevant design patterns are much more impactful than having a backend in both python and javascript in your portfolio.

I personally like Flask a lot and work with it. I’ve also used Django for a period of time. I’ve also worked with .net (C#). The reason I like flask for small projects is that it’s minimal and easy to get going. For more involved projects, javascript and python can have limitations depending on the context.

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Thanks for the advice! I will stay the course with this backend engineering program and hopefully by the springtime I will have a good foundation to work on my own projects to showcase job readiness. I already have a decent understanding of RDBMS so I need to focus on operating systems, networking, and designing systems.
Plus, I can always learn new frameworks as needed and not limit myself to a specify language and framework.

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