What are your thoughts on Google's Material Design Lite (MDL)?

getmdl.io < page source.

It was used in a Pluralsight video I was watching and I’m intrigued as to other people’s opinions on it. It makes the whole design process more fluid and consistent but, I don’t know if you can consider it web developing in a traditional sense.

I didn’t know about it before. It seems to be incredibly rich and easy to implement resource. - Thanks!

I am just learning about for a couple of hours but essentially it’s a set of predesignated elements which are called ‘materials’ that you can copy-paste into your website (or webapp) code, they look and run very modern and clean, providing maximum functionality and great intuitiveness of use.
Some of the elements included are:
animated buttons, loading bars, lists, cards, dialogs, sliders, toggles, tables, text fields and many many more. You’ll even find a huge set of cleverly designed and neat looking icons to use in your projects completely free!

You can preview the components library and code here.
And if you want to actually use any of this then - this is a good place to start.

Check these icons I mentioned!

EDIT: I also accidentally found a really handy device for writing fron-end code:

Yeah it seems like a good resource too, especially for personal use but I can’t see it being implemented for professional use? maybe wrong but seems too good to be true :smiley: