What are your biggest struggles while you are learning to code?

I’ve taken intro to programing and repeated the entire intro to javascruot 4 times in 3
Months…all i’ve learned is this stuff is for smart people and i’ve always been an idiot so no surprise i can’t do anything except console.log();

All the tutorials i’ve tried are over my head but I’m also a total idiot. If there is something else maybe i’ll try that but i’ll probably fail, assuming i could even follow the linsturctions if there are any. Ex: write a function

What is a function? Where was that in the lessons? Nothing makes sense

No offense, but maybe it’s your ‘I’m an idiot. I’ll fail.’ mindset that’s hindering you from learning. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything you have to learn, just take it step by step. Also, don’t sweat the small details. Just learn how to do something and what that something does.

function functionName(parameter){

Why waste time trying to understand every little thing of how to define a function(for example). Just simplify your understanding so you can easily reuse this syntax whenever you need to make a function.


Hey, take a break and take it easy. You’re able to follow thru the lessons. That’s one step in the right direction. You are learning the pieces of a bigger puzzle.

Whenever you are doing a lesson and don’t understand the lesson completely, try posting a specific question here on the forums. We’ll try to help you.

Really try to be specific in what you don’t understand. Hang in there, you can do this. :+1:


I’m not sweating details, i don’t even get the basics. I haven’t learned what anything does. The code above… i have no idea what any of means or what to do. I don’t know what syntax is…like the errors? I don’t know what those mean either.

I’ve done my best to change my mindset but i am still pretty stupid. I wish it was different but
I’m used to being confused. This seems no different.

I’m not learning anything though. I can’t ask questions because i don’t understand how to ask the right question or what the answers are. I just get to a point after a few steps here where nothing works or makes sense.

Maybe i should take a break… i’ve wasted so much time trying to learn something i just can’t even get the basicis of

Hey there.

Look, I get how you feel. But the more you keep telling yourself “I’m stupid” or “I can’t do this”, the harder it will be to learn anything. Just whenever those thoughts come, DON’T say them. Whenever you feel like that, start saying positive stuff to yourself. I know it sounds a bit ridiculous, but it actually helps you change your mindset, trust me.

The questions you have are the right questions. Don’t feel afraid to ask them even when you feel like they are the wrong questions. (Trust me, I’ve been there). And don’t try to get more and more knowledge inside your head if your basics aren’t solid, cause in the end, all your knowledge will collapse.

Taking a break is always good. You can always come back with a fresh pair of eyes and a new mindset.

Also, you should be proud that you haven’t gave up with coding even when you feel like it is really hard. Persistence is such an admirable skill :wink:


Hey @byte5723385929 ,

I think it’s good to take a step back. If you took Intro to Programming, you should try Python maybe instead of Javascript. It’s probably not a good first programming language to start with. I have quite a bit of experience and Javascript can be very confusing.

So when we say syntax - it’s the rules of what needs to be typed to get the computer to do something. If you have a syntax error - it means that whatever you’ve typed the computer doesn’t understand. It has to be in a very specific format or it just doesn’t work.

You are just typing commands to get the computer to something for you.


You sound like one of my friend lol. I know it is mad frustrating when you don’t understand whatever you’re trying to do not matter how hard you try it. Just remember that you will feel like that so many times in this lifestyle but the amount of joy you get when you get that line of code to work and your code to execute and run is just incredible and I guarantee you that you’ll feel like your efforts were worth it. I remember the day I just wrote my first web-page, I felt like I was Mark Z or a real programmer when I really didn’t understand much, it felt like I really could do anything lol. All I am saying is that, to just to get that feeling you should try more and even a different language to see how it goes.


Hello, I took a two month break to get put back together in school.
I am doing good again in coding and I have been slowly working it back into my day.
I thought it would be a good time to start the 30 day challenge so I’ve forgotten a little bit so could you remind me what this is used for


That is a Javascript template literal which permits string interpolation of expressions in a body of text.

a = 42
console.log(`a = ${a}`)
'a = 42'

Thank you(i need more characters here)

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Same for me. I need to repeat many times before it sinks in and most bootcamps will just show you an example once and send you on to a project. YouTube has been saving my life so many times recently.

I’m quite insecure and I’m afraid to fail so I can’t help myself with pushing things off for tomorrow…
I love to code and I really want it to be my job but fear is so difficult to override. :weary:

I always think my code will be bad, and I’m quite negative.

What are your biggest struggles while you are learning to code?

Memory Retention

The most immediate “struggle” noticed was keeping a good pace while maintaining a high percentile on memory retention of information. In the past, mainly early college, I came to the realization of how dependent I was on my tactile learning style. I developed my own way of how to adapt to retaining information, given the same methodology of teaching has been applied since the 1960’s, and needless to say it was well worth the arduous effort. This applies how quickly or slowly I am able to progress through codecademy’s teaching style and format on a given task. Here’s what I do given my learning style to retain as much short-term memory to my long-term memory as possible:

  1. I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner prior to learning as this directly affects mental performance. :brain:

  2. I read all information provided at least 3 times, reword that information on how I would say it while maintaining the message’s integrity, and write it down with colored pens for the examples of code given. This takes a while but the notes taken in this way reenforce the “why” when I forget something and go back to investigate my notes. Given the notes will then be written in the way I understand the information, this method then uses the same neurological pathway multiple times to enforce long-term memory retention. :confetti_ball:

  3. I listen to frequency music as well as “attempting” to maintain a good learning pace by making sure I’m in a learning state of mind. When stressed it is extremely difficult for memory retention in my personal experience, but I do take full use of the timer feature codecademy has as a reminder to get a break. It may sound goofy but there’s a reason teachers let kids have recess. :face_with_monocle:

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my “biggest struggle” and hope this will help anyone in need of a different idea on how to structure rational note taking. Please feel free to reply with your learning style, and only leave a like if you like!

Warmest regards,

Happy Coding!