What are your biggest struggles while you are learning to code?

I feel you mate
I think the fear of solving logical expressions would cause
like a mental block to my brain :fearful:

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My biggest struggles are consistency in studying, and logic. I tried learning SQL a while back, then dropped it for 2 years. Then I started HTML, CSS, and JS then dropped them for a year. I never seem to get past basics, then I need to almost start over because I’ve forgotten what I learned.

I’ve worked in completely unrelated fields for the past 10 years, and I haven’t been in a math class for almost 15. The logic of coding can be really hard and discouraging sometimes. Then I read an article/watch a video from a self-taught programmer about their struggles, and it encourages me to keep trying.


I get really discouraged- my husband has a degree in computer science and has worked as a software engineer/developer for over 20 years. He thinks my questions are too basic, but sometimes I don’t know how to find the answer. My degrees are in physics and math, so I understand the logic, but sometimes I just simply am lost. Sometimes I don’t even understand what I am doing well enough to ask a question: I’m just lost.

I’m on day 26 of the 30 day challenge. I started with C# because I need a higher paying job, but even though I am 2/3 done with the course, I don’t fully understand. So, taking a page from how I best learn natural languages, now I’m working on C++. C++ seems a lot easier; I’m hoping when I finish C++ and start over on C# that that will have helped.

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Wow, I never thought anyone was just like me!! I am exactly the same relating to your first point about going too fast!! I’ve picked up Python maybe 3 years ago (not on Codecademy) but am having to recomplete the course on Codecademy because I went so fast I forgot most of what I learned. I’m too goal oriented and go “yay, I got the exercise, NEXT!!” and complete so much I can’t remember it!!

Anyway, still working on that. I need to practice practice practice. But I’m glad someone understands :slight_smile:


@khalilnajjar Couldn’t agree more. I went to a High School tech school for electronics engineering, so I’m pretty similar with boolean logic (although not as experienced), and was never good at math in school. However I learned I enjoy it a lot when there’s something interesting to apply it to! The best recommendation I can give is not to just use Codecademy, but to make projects for yourself on the side :slight_smile:

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From what most programmers, data scientists, developers, etc. have told me: that, in and of itself, IS coding, so don’t feel down on yourself! Wholeheartedly agree though, it can be frustrating sometimes too buuut a large part of coding is figuring out the problem, and a whole lot of googling/stack overflow…

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my biggest problem is not having anyone to work with when i reach hard coding impasses. This often leads to me struggling with problems way longer than i should. even with google, not having someone to bounce ideas off of can hurt my motivation and increase my frustration. making me feel like i am completely alone. Dont get me wrong i understand that struggling with problems is part of the learning process , i learned that when taking advanced mathematics, but coding is a different animal.


Your community is here for that exact reason. Mind, because there is a huge diversity of expression, we might have to grow a thick skin and learn tolerance and empathy. It also means we have to be willing to admit confusion. Nobody is judging our code on anything but its own merit. That never reflects on the writer.

Bring your ideas and your problems (code or dev) to the forums and learn to be comfortable here. You are never alone.


mtf is right, the community here is pretty awesome. I struggle with the same thing.

And hey, there’s always the rubber duck… :wink:

Remembering to hit the semi-colon, and not typing code like Console.WRiteLine

I seem to hold the shift key too long when I’m typing, and that’s getting on my own nerves right now.

My biggest struggle is writing the logic. For some coding problems, I can find the logic and write it on a paper. But when it comes to coding, I cannot write correct logic code.

Half of writing it on paper is so we can compose the logic. If you are already able to write it on paper, you’re half the way there. Stick with it and the other will be there, too.


I also went to a bootcamp about 2 years ago and found it challenging but ultimately not satifying. If you ever want to code together, let me know. It can be a real motivator coding with someone else. My focus is on HTML/CSS/JavaScript and ReactJS. I like doing very small projects that I can finish in about an hour. If you’re interested, we can meet on CodePen using a collab screen.


I think I can skip projects and keep learning through the curriculum. I even got a B- in Data Structures in University.

After that I get lost in future projects. On the Data Structures exam I realized I don’t know how to declare an Array!!
DO NOT skip projects!! Remember to also review projects!! I learned my lesson the hard way. Don’t overdo projects too (everything in textbook), do about 3 per topic, like Codecademy.

Programming is communicating with the computer, if you don’t think like Neo Anderson, you are doing something wrong.


Keep going my friend!

Thanks for the advice man!

Hi, my name is Wil, I’m from Peru.
My biggest difficulty while learning to code is the language, I only speak and understand Spanish, I do the translation of the topics but sometimes it is translated literally that makes it difficult for me to understand and perform the tasks.

Best thing to do is learn English or team up with someone who knows the language. Code is not necessarily, English, just the terms. They refer to concepts that can be described in any language, just like Maths.

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My problem too is never being able to get past the basics. I’ve been trying to learn python for 3 years now, but I stop along the way and whenever I resume I restart again because I feel I still don’t get the basics.
Now trying to learn PhP but that means I have to go through HTML, CSS all over again and learn JavaScript anew. Just the thought of it alone seems burdening. I hope I’m able to go through with it this time

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Proofreading. I am a writer by trade (journalism, then PR) and coding has a lot of similarities to writing - good writing has a structure, grammar rules and a logical flow - much like coding. I’ve signed up for the challenge because I think mastering coding will have a lot of other beneficial effects on other parts of my life.

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