What are your biggest struggles while you are learning to code?

I am 27. I didn’t touch Mathematics at all since 2010 when I was 17. I have left it for 10 years. It feels so foreign to me now to use ‘logic’ and sometimes I really struggle to think fluently about writing systematic codes for a project.

Also because of Mathematics being quite foreign to me I sometimes have some irrational fear towards it.

That’s my biggest struggle. I am creating this thread to see if anyone has big struggles that they would like to share about and maybe some people will be able to provide useful advice to help. Thank you!


My biggest struggle is to press on when feeling things are getting much harder than what I have learned so far.

Also I find it hard when I am coding and not see the results. I need something tangible that proofs me the things I do have an effect on the outcome.

For example I am currently working on the Ravenous project, I have written significant amounts of code now but I don’t see what it translates into. The app is not able to run yet.


Definitely whitespace and spelling. I’m familiar with logic but trying to find my errors takes forever, and they’re always spelling/spacing mistakes.

Syntax is pretty hard for me. I get very frustrated when I get so close to solving a problem, but something very small that I overlooked is what causes errors. The small details are what trip me up. I also find that I “hit a wall” after a while, where progress slows down and it’s not as exciting as when you first started. This is my third time trying to learn coding though, I used to slowly quit when I hit the wall. Now that I’ve been through this a few times, I know not to do that this time. It’s all about chipping away and practicing every day. Not every day will be huge progress, but keeping consistent is what’s important. I’ll look back at the end of 30 days and be proud.