What are the types of relational database management systems?


What are the different types of relational database management systems (RDBMS) and when do we use which?


Popular RDBMS’s include MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and more:

  • MySQL is generally used for web development. It is often accessed using PHP because PHP talks directly to the server and can run inline queries right in our file. With that said, we don’t always use PHP or have to use it, as a lot of users now wrap their database queries in an API layer and contact that through a front end.
  • SQLite is a relational database stored in a single file which comes in handy for low traffic sites, sites that don’t need a seperate DB on a server, or even phone applications that want to store data relationally on the local phone.
  • PostgreSQL is another relational database that is popular for web applications due to its support of JSON (good for passing data between the web application and server), which is why PostgreSQL is starting to gain popularity. Its main disadvantage, however, is that it is slower in performance than other databases such as MySQL.
  • Other choices include OracleDB and Microsoft SQL Server, but they are not open source databases and can be expensive to use.
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