What are the some of best libraries in the javascript for best salary nowadays?

Hi all. I hope I didn’t exaggrate or write a ridiculous thing in the title. I manage my own web site named Gökçece about beauty and esthetic in my country. That was as you understand developed with Wordpress and I just signed up this forum and site to develop my simple web sites using Html, Css and Javascript. But I don’t know where to start. For example I know about somethings Html and Css but I am not bad at Javascript. After I learn Javascript together with other languages like Html and Css I would like aldo to work in a good company with a good salary. What are your suggestions depending on this things ? Thanks from on.

From what I have seen, Angular.js & React.js are probably the two most common JavaScript frameworks for front-end development. Vue.js is another that is upcoming and seems very popular right now. I plan to learn Vue myself in the coming months.

Some views on these 3 frameworks here, which is what I used to make my decision to pursue Vue.js.

Also here (loads of great programming advice from this guy):

As for backend development, obviously node.js, and perhaps also express.js for API creation.

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