What are the prerequisites for the machine learning career path?

hello i am wondering since i want to get into machine learning, and i just started looking at the first couple lessons and i don’t understand any of it what courses should i take to learn the code needed for the machine learning career path?

I think Codecademy used Python for that.
So probably Python 3, and Learn Data Analysis with Pandas are some courses to look at first (and maybe Learn Statistics with NumPy).

Ok thank you, but what level of python whould you say, just like the very beginner stuff or the more advanced code.

Python (start at the beginning), specifically Python for data science, stats, and some linear algebra.

Further, if this:

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
from sklearn.linear_model import LinearRegression

housing_data = pd.read_csv('housing_data.csv')
X = housing_data[['Sq ft', 'Burglaries']]
y = housing_data['Rent']

makes no sense to you, then it’s something that you need to learn.

Ok, ya that makes no sense to me, so the course “visualize data with python” would fix that right?

Are there no pre-reqs listed in the intro to that course?
In the Intro to ML section, it specifically states:

" The prerequisite for this skill path is familiarity with Python and specifically, the pandas and matplotlib libraries."

So, based on that statement, I would suggest before delving into ML:

  • Python3
  • how to analyze data w/Python

You should understand Python. ML is advanced and not something ppl can jump into w/o an intermediate (at least) understanding of Python for data science first. And, like I said above–stats and basic linear algebra concepts too. (You could find that stuff on YT as well. Just google.)

Analyze data w/Python goes over all the particular Python libraries used for analysis (it also covers visualization w/Matplotlib and I think Seaborn. It touches on Python basics, but for more in-depth dive into Python, I’d suggest learning Python too. Personally, before I came here, I was learning Python & SQL. Then I took some DA courses and DS too.


Thank you so much, i relly am excited to get into ml

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