What are the practical applications of this?


Hi. I've just finished this exercise and I'm wondering how this is applied in the real world. For example, i have built some JS objects into a webpage that hold contacts data and using html and JS have built a search function to search for a contact who's details are then displayed on the page. There is also a function to add new contacts but once the session ends (you leave the page) that new info you added will obviously be lost. So how would you go about storing this so that,hypothetically, if a user logged in, they would be able to access contacts they added in a previous session? does Javascript need to push this to a database somehow?

I am aware this goes waaay beyond the scope of this course but I would really appreciate if somebody could provide a brief break down of how this works just so that I have an idea of the practical applications of this excercise.

Many many thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to answer this!

Replace this line with your code.


Here is a SERP with lots of potential resources:

javascript local data


Thanks. I did try a quick web search but the results were too indepth and focused more on actually implementing this type of thing rather than just giving a quick explanation on how it works. Found some good resources on your link though so cheers!


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