What are the differences between `var` and `let`? Are they necessary?

When creating a variable, do you need to use let or var at all if the variable ISN’T going to be a constant? The code still seems to record the variable just fine, and allow changes, whether I use var/let or not. ?

Same with spaces between the +, -, / etc. The code seems to work just fine without the extra spaces so do I really need them, or it’s just accepted practice, or the “standard” that people put spaces between those characters for neatness (or whatever)?


do you need to? No. Should you? Yes.

the keyword (var or let) indicates the scope of the variable, without var, let or const the variable has a global scope. Which is far from ideal

for readability, the spaces are recommended


This post has links to a few articles that explain variable declaration pretty well.



But what is the difference between var and let then, if both of them can be reassigned to a diff value later???




I understand that we do not use VAR anymore ?

We can still use var if you have a good reason, but generally not. let and const are preferable.

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Hi I have a question,

In this exercise the loop need to be stated as ‘let’

for( i=0;i<bobsFollowers.length;i++){
  for( j=0;j<tinasFollowers.length;j++){

the correct one should be like this

for(let i=0;i<bobsFollowers.length;i++){
  for(let j=0;j<tinasFollowers.length;j++){

The result does the same thing, so if we do not specify whether it’s VAR, CONST, or LET, is it still okay? Thanks

let ensures the variable are block-scoped, so variables don’t pollute the global namespace or leak outside the intented scope.

There is a difference between: working code and good code. And maybe even more important, understanding the difference/consequences when doing something (like leaving out let keyword)